The body is the best tool we have to bring about the healing process. JJ Gormley is dedicated to helping you return to balance and begin to heal from within using natural and holistic tools offered by the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Herbal Medicine, and Yoga Therapy.  Some of the tools JJ may choose for you and with you could be any of the following.  JJ works with you and your desires to choose goals and tools that are appropriate for you.  Not all tools are suitable for everyone.  

  • Physical movement:  physical movements would be chosen to address structural issues (such as back, shoulder, knee, neck pain, etc.), to bring alignment to the body for better posture and/or to alleviate joint and/or muscle pain.
  • Breathing exercises: conscious and controlled breathing with or without movement would be chosen to decrease stress levels and bring calm to the body and mind. These techniques are particularly effective to alleviate anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more.
  • Self-control practices:  this tool may be chosen to help those with eating disorders, substance abuse, and other addictions.
  • Energy point massage/touch: this tool may be incorporated to lessen nerve pain, tingling sensations, and numbness in the body.
  • Diet/food plans: As a certified nutritionist, JJ understands the role that proper nutrition plays in returning you to health. 
  • Supplements/Herbs:  If needed and desired, JJ may suggest incorporating herbal remedies or Ayurvedic recommendations into your plan.
  • Lifestyle changes:  Incorporating lifestyle modifications may be chosen to help move away from inappropriate habits and toward healthful ones - one small (but impactful) change at a time.
  • Visualizations: Incorporating a practice that includes visualizations can decrease stress, increase mindfulness, bring attention to a particular quality you might want cultivated in your life, and/or to bring about an essence of calm.
  • Time to focus: By cultivating your ability to focus you can decrease your stress, increase your mindfulness, and prepare for meditation.  
  • Meditation: As one learns to focus and cultivates that as a practice, then meditation is the next logical step.  The benefits of meditation are numerous -this practice is used to decrease stress, increase mindfulness, hone attention, and bring calmness to the body, mind, and spirit.