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JJ Gormley, Holistic Nutritionist
Holistic Healthcare of Virginia


Welcome to moving toward a healthier you!

Holistic Healthcare of Virginia is dedicated to helping you heal from the inside out in a natural, holistic way.  Our philosophy is based on teaching you about eating right (whole foods), exercising appropriately (walking, yoga, t'ai chi, etc.) and learning stress-reducing techniques such as breathing practices,  meditation practices and other relaxation techniques.

Holistic Healthcare is owned and operated by JJ Gormley who has been interested in healthcare since 1979.  She has knowledge of herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, supplements, yoga, Ayurveda and much more.  She continually stays abreast of research in health fields through her constant study.  JJ earned a Master of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and is also an Experienced Yoga Therapist.

Holistic Healthcare of Virginia's philosophy is to move you in a step-by-step, well thought-out progression toward a healthier and happier way of living.  Learn to live healthier with yourself and your own life choices and then watch how that spreads and permeates into other aspects of life around you.

How does this work?

JJ will work with you to design a plan that fits your lifestyle.  This plan will help you get healthier. When we begin to work toward a healthier lifestyle, often the healing from disease or injury, and/or just feeling better about our self and who we are now is a wonderful side-effect.

Let JJ help you with:
• boosting your immune system
• weight loss
• healing from an ailment or disease (digestive, respiratory, autoimmune, etc.)
        • help with joint pain such as knee, hip, shoulder, neck or back

and much much more.

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HHCV is located in the Total Wellness Center of Virginia:  331 N Madison Rd, Orange, VA  22960