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JJ Gormley, Holistic Nutritionist
Holistic Healthcare of Virginia

Welcome to moving toward a healthier you!

Holistic Healthcare of Virginia is dedicated to helping you heal from the inside out in a natural, holistic way.  Our philosophy is to move in a step-by-step, well thought-out progression toward a healthier and happier way of living. Learn to live healthier with yourself and your own life choices and then watch how that spreads and permeates into other aspects of life around you.

Owner of Holistic Healthcare of Virginia, JJ Gormley has immersed herself in the study of Eastern health and philosophy since 1979 - with a focus on yoga and Ayurveda. She has worked on her own strong, balanced practice of diet and lifestyle as the foundation of her life. After many years of internal and external studies, she finds great joy in sharing the ancient knowledge from yoga and Ayurveda to educate and empower others. JJ is a Certified Yoga Therapist and holds a Master of Science degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

In JJ's practice, she offers healing through the modalities of proper nutrition, lifestyle, counseling, herbal remedies (Ayurvedic and Western), supplements, yoga as therapy, meditation practices, pranayama, marma therapy, and more. She takes the time to work with each client as an individual - knowing that we are each a unique being with our own personal path toward health, balance, and wellness.
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HHCV is located in the Total Wellness Center of Virginia:  331 N Madison Rd, Orange, VA  22960